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Ah, New Years Resolutions…

healty life May I first start by saying happy New Year! I hope your year is filled with blessings and happiness.

>> Insert 2014! Blog update! Can you believe 2014 is coming up Austin? Especially in Austin, many austinites have started making their new years list yet once again. So did you accomplish your 2011, 2012 & 2013 New Years goals? Did they include getting fit or getting certified? If so, then you are among 90% of those that do have a fitness related goal on their resolutions list. I mentioned certification because we have been getting more interest for general First Aid classes in Austin. Pick up the phone and call and I assure you I will help you check that off your list so that we are not working on your list again next year with the same goals! Call me today to get started and we can share our upcoming 2014 health, first aid or any other goals you just want to put out there.

>> End of blog update, and back to our old 2011 New Years blog post:)

So, are you sick of making new years resolutions that you never stick to? Making that vow to organize your house…and keep it that way. Or, loose those extra pounds that crept up on you over the past…few…years. Perhaps we are all going about this new year’s resolution thing all wrong. Just maybe if we make day resolutions instead of year resolutions we will find ourselves successful. So, then we must decide what our “list” of resolutions must be. As you may have guessed, I have some ideas.

Item number 1, get that cholesterol checked!

There are two types of cholesterol, low-density lipoprotein cholesterol (LDL), this is the bad cholesterol that causes arteries to fill with plaque; and HDL, or high-density lipoprotein cholesterol (HDL), this is the good cholesterol that seems to protect the heart from hardening arteries. It is important to know both numbers. First resolution, make that appointment, next…GO! This is a simple blood test; no biggie; and then you can check one off your “list!” Have your doctor educate you about your numbers and what you may need to do to protect your heart. Then, add it to your daily list! We are on a roll here!

Item number 2, the big E…EXERCISE!

I know, I know, but this is part of your resolution every year, and I said this year is different…ugh. Well, it is; after you have checked with your doctor (at that cholesterol appointment) and you are free to exercise; get movin! It is recommended to have 30 minutes of ACCUMULATED exercise 5 days per week. Why have I made “accumulated” stand out? Simple, because you can add 10 minute exercise bouts throughout the day to equal your 30 minutes of activity. How easy is that! Park further away, go down the grocery store isles – even though you don’t need anything on it, go for a walk…you get the idea. Keep it simple, you don’t have to join an expensive gym, just think outside the box!

Item number 3…eat healthy.

This is when the idea of daily resolutions really comes into play. This is good news, and bad news. The good…every meal and every snack is a chance to re-resolution, if you may. In other words, if you ate 3 helpings of mac-and-cheese at lunch, you have a chance to redeem yourself at dinner. Bad news, this is probably the most difficult resolution to keep, at least in my personal opinion. Back to that first resolution, talk to your doctor about healthy eating specifically for you. Then stick to it! There are all kinds of sites with heart healthy recipes, check them out, and try something new; this could be fun ya’ll!

Last, but definatly not least. For some of you, this is easy, and already done; ya! For others, this may be the most difficult thing you have ever done in your life.

Item number 4…stop smoking.

Some heart disease risk factors are genetic, but smoking is not. This is such an important issue; I think you should hear it right from the American Heart Association. So check out the American Heart Association website! I know smoking is hard to quit, but you are worth the effort, and so is extra time with your family and friends.

Item number 5…take a CPR class.

Be ready to help friends and family in an emergency situation!

I hope you find yourself successful each and every day of the coming year. I am sure you have some resolution ideas of your own, and I would love to hear of them!

Have a heart healthy day!
Kristi Krouse