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Mothers Day for a Cause!

It is almost Mothers day! I hope you are ready! Check out what Macy’s is doing for us to celebrate Mother’s Day.  You can send mom a card via Macy’s Facebook page and they will donate $3 to your favorite charity!  I of course am hoping you will choose Go Red for Women, after all it is Mother’s Day!  This does not cost you a penny, they are donating  and all you have to do is send a card!  Here is the link, go check it out!  You can send me one too while you are at it, let the donations begin!  Come check out a class with me at Heart Smart CPR!

Drink yourself Heart Healthy?!?

red wine heart benefitsRed Wine Heart Benefits

So the question is:  Red Wine, is it good for your heart? The big answer: Mabe?!? Basically there are antioxidants called resveratrol and flavonoids naturally found in the wine.  So yes antioxidants are great for you, but why wine?  Is this just an excuse to drink wine, and if so, how much per day do you need to drink to benefit from the antioxidants? After researching myself, I basically found that yes all wine contains antioxidants.  Red wine has more antioxidants because it is fermented longer with the grape skins.  But, (yes there is a but) if you truly are drinking the wine for the antioxidants, you can simply eat grapes or drink grape juice.  There are many other foods that have antioxidants too!  Examples are:

red wine heart benefits  

My conclusion is; if you are drinking wine because you want a glass of wine, then you are adding to your daily list of antioxidants, enjoy!  Yay, two birds, one stone.  If you are drinking wine for the antioxidants it would be better to have a bowl of fruit salad.

So don’t drink for your health, drink to it!

Have a Heart Healthy Day!