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Reverse Heart Disease?!?

I recently found a video by Dr. Oz (one of my hero’s ..ahhh) on his show explaining how to REVERSE heart disease! What a concept, I thought! Is this possible? During his show and on the video Dr. Oz interviews Dr. Dean Ornish who claims that there is a life changing 4 step plan that can indeed reverse heart disease without surgery. That really the cure to heart disease is in your hands not your surgeons.

For over 32 years, Dr. Ornish has been an integral member of medicine’s clinical research community. He is a pioneer who demonstrated for the first time that lifestyle changes could reverse even severe coronary heart disease. If you have heart disease and are not in need of emergency surgery, such as bypass, angioplasty or stent placement, you can reverse your heart disease by eliminating the behaviors that have contributed to your condition, and picking up healthy new habits. You may need what Dr. Ornish calls a “pound of cure” (as opposed to an “ounce of prevention”). This means making big – and sustainable — changes to your diet, exercise routine and approach to stress management. Start getting better today with Dr. Ornish’s 4-step plan to reverse your heart disease. For those who don’t have heart disease, there is a wide spectrum of preventive choices you can make to live healthily.

I would honestly bet that you are already guessing at least 2 of these steps, but it is worth your time to check out what he has to say…if you love your heart at least :).


How amazing is that!

Here is someone it has worked for!

I love the idea of starting to reverse heart disease without surgery in a month!  Even more; knowing I can postpone heart issues for my children if I implement these steps into my whole family!  I love it!  Make healthy heart habits for my children now so they will carry them for the rest of their lives…and I will have a healthy heart so I can watch it all happen.  Love it!

Want…Need more details?

Check out his book! Click on the pic and it will take you right to it!

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Have a Heart Healthy Day!
Kristi Krouse