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Why Wait, Loose the Weight!

Loose weight fast

About this time every year I like…well; I do, I don’t always “like it”;…anyway, I take a summer evaluation and ask myself, “Do I need to loose weight?”

How did I feel about myself?

Did I feel healthy?

Did I stick to my exercise goals?

Did I wear sunscreen? (its true!)

And of course…did I feel the way I wanted to feel when I was in the swimsuit?

After I ask myself these questions, I make a goal for next year.  I somehow feel that if I make the goal before new years resolution time, and then start toward the goal, that I am ahead of everyone else…and winning the race. lol goofy I know!

So, to be honest, I did feel great, I did wear the sunscreen (and protected myself from years of wrinkles and cancer).  But I did not do the exercise program I wanted; and therefore did not loose weight (the 10 lbs I had hoped).  So it is a “yay” and a “ugh” kind of a moment.

How did you do?  No really, I would love to know!

Perhaps we can hit the ground running and get a head start before everyone else at new years together!

So what is the plan to loose weight?

What have you done in the past that helped you loose weight fast?  For me, I have to watch my eating…ugh.  I am a sugarholic!  It literally calls me to the pantry, and all this Halloween candy is screaming my name.  Good thing my kids know exactly what is in the bag or I would get away with it!

Here is my plan, and I am happy to say I have already started!

I like to use an app on my phone called My Fitness Pal.  I literally put everything I eat in there and be sure I stick to my calorie goals.  Then I use an app called My Diet Coach; mostly cuz throughout the day I have it set up to remind me of my goals in text format.  Then there is the exercising…  Its funny when I am at the gym I am so glad I am there; and yet here I sit blogging about it trying to think of an excuse not to go today.  I have to commit!  That is a commitment I must make to myself!

Works for me!

Do you have any suggestions for me?

Have a Heart Healthy day!

Kristi Krouse

Let me know if you would like to set up a class!


Heart Smart CPR and American Heart Association has an announcement to make!

Healthy eating tips

 Great news!  Heart Smart CPR and the American Heart Association have an announcement!  The  AHA has new healthy eating tips to make healthy eating easier for your busy schedule at Subway!  When you see the logo above you know the American Heart Association approves!

I am sure you have seen this logo at the supermarket, now you can count on it when you don’t have nutritional information readily available at Subway.  For me personally, I love the fresh ingredients that Subway uses, but I always wonder about the sauces, now there is no doubt.  Way to go American Heart Association!  Thanks for making my busy life a bit easier.  Below is a list of foods that the AHA have given the stamp of approval at Subway.

  • All SUBWAY FRESH FIT® sandwich meals that include apples slices and water
  • All SUBWAY FRESH FIT FOR KIDS™ meals that include apple slices and low fat milk
  • 9 salads with Sweet Onion Dressing that include apple slices and water

Have a Heart Healthy Day!

Kristi Krouse


Your Heart is as Healthy as the Food You Eat!

healthy heart dietMy mom always said “you are what you eat,” but is it true?  If so, how does it affect your heart?

The answer is KINDA?!?

Perhaps, “you feel how you eat” should be the new phrase?  (although when I eat a doughnut I feel like it is literally stuck to my back-end)

In order to have a healthy heart diet we need to take a look at the details of our diet.

You see, if you get down to the nitty gritty, food is fuel for the body.  Just like cars, if you give your car the best fuel, they run better and longer.  If we eat foods that cause our hearts to pump faster and work harder we damage our heart tissue and it gives out.

Have you ever eaten an unhealthy meal and even though it tasted delectable, you felt horrible afterwards?  Tired and sluggish?  I will be honest, I certainly have.  Basically when you eat, your body breaks down the food and absorbs it into the blood stream, which delivers the vitamins and minerals to your tissues.  If you eat a healthy heart diet, including healthy food with vitamins you are re-energized, but if you give your body fat and salt your body is left starving for energy.

Here are some links to some sites that I think would be worth a look!



Take the Fat and Salt Explorer test here.  Then check out the heart test below!  Happy testing!



Enjoy a healthy heart diet today!