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Need an AHA CPR Certification card Quickly?

Have a Crazy Schedule?

Then join one of our American Heart Association CPR classes!

The American Heart Association is now offering a blending class for all CPR certification levels.  If you have a crazy schedule then our American Heart Association CPR classes are for you!  This online American Heart Association class is equivalent to the classroom CPR class that AHA offers and you receive the exact same card.  There are two parts to the blended certification class.  First, you watch the CPR video online on your own computer at your own pace and convenience.  Second, you will do a skills test/review with a Heart Smart CPR instructor.  Below are the links!

To join one of our online American Heart Association CPR classes, follow these steps.

1) Go to the AHA site (link above), register and purchase the CPR class you need.
2) Take the online part 1 of the course you need at your convenience.
3) Print the certificate at the end of the course.
4) Make sure you have an appointment with Heart Smart CPR to do the skills test. (cost for the BLS skills test is $40, and Heartsaver basic CPR/AED/First aid is $55; it just takes a few minutes)
5) Bring your certificate with you to the skills test.
6) You will receive your card from the American Heart Association after the skills test.  It is exactly the same card that is issued in classroom courses.  There is no way to tell the difference.  They are equal because you are still meeting with an instructor.

-If you need basic CPR and AED choose this: Heartsaver® CPR AED Online Part
Needed by:

  • Personal Trainers
  • Life Guards
  • Teachers
  • Police Officers
  • Daycare Faculty
  • Nanny

-If you need BLS for healthcare providers choose this: HeartCode BLS
Needed by:

  • Nurses
  • Doctors
  • EMT’s
  • Medics
  • Nursing Students

-If you need CPR AED and first aid choose this:  Heartsaver® First Aid CPR AED Online
Needed by:

  • Camp Counselors
  • Park Tour Guides
  • Some Childcare Workers
  • Families who are adopting

If you only need first aid training choose Heartsaver First Aid Online.

If you have any questions about the American Heart at all, please shoot us an email.

Have a Heart Healthy Day!