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Welcome to Heart Smart CPR! 

As you go through instructor training you will find that you have many questions, please let me know what they are so I can get them answered for you.

As you know, the first step to working with Heart Smart CPR is the instructor interview, which you have already completed.

There are some items you will need from either: Channing Bete, Laerdal Medical Corp., or World Point ECC.  I prefer Channing Bete because we have negotiated a discount with them.  You can place your order at custsvcs@channing-bete.com.  To get our discount please reference Customer Account #12430751 with Texas CPR Training.  Our TC ID is TX20124 if needed.  You can also call them at 800-477-4776.     

Those items are:

  • student books for the classes you are planning on teaching 
  • DVD for the classes you are teaching.  Make sure and ask that the DVD you purchase is the one that you show to students in class.  There is a picture and a link below.
From me you will need to buy cards, so let me know as soon as you want them so you have them when you need them.

You will also need some paperwork on a regular basis.  These items can be found on your instructor google drive link that you received in training. 

The Equipment you will need can be bought wherever you like as long as it is AHA compliant.  If you have a question about this just email me a link and I will be able to tell you if it is or not.  I have included some pictures just to help you see what to look for.


1. Manikins adult and infant (1 per every 3 students or better) must be AHA compliant









2. Video for classes you will be teaching, you may only need 1 or you may need both depending on your business

BLS for healthcare Providers Instructor Package

Item: 15-1012

 Unit Price: $110.00

Channing Bete 2015 New Instructor Package




American Heart Association
Item: 90-1028
They have a spanish version too: Spanish Item: 90-2311US

Unit Price: $150.00


3. Bag Masks – Both Adult and Infant sizes

bag mask

Bag Mask







4. Cleaning Supplies 

Alcohol Prep Pads







5. Pocket masks with one way training valves and/or face shields – 1 for every student in your BLS classes. AND face shilds – 1 for every student in Heartsaver classes.


Oneway Valve


Face Mask


Face Shields

Face Shields

6. AED trainers (emphasis on TRAINER) – AHA compliant

aed trainer 2 aed trainer 3 aed trainer






7. Stopwatch (app on your phone is fine)


2015 Updates and Paperwork


BLS Skills Testing

2015 BlS Lesson Training Material

2015 BLS Student Manual Comparison Chart


CPR AED Skills Testing Sheets

2015 Heartsaver Lesson Map Changes

2015 Heartsaver Student Workbook Comparison Chart

Instructor Essentials Course