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Mothers Day for a Cause!

It is almost Mothers day! I hope you are ready! Check out what Macy’s is doing for us to celebrate Mother’s Day.  You can send mom a card via Macy’s Facebook page and they will donate $3 to your favorite charity!  I of course am hoping you will choose Go Red for Women, after all it is Mother’s Day!  This does not cost you a penny, they are donating  and all you have to do is send a card!  Here is the link, go check it out!  You can send me one too while you are at it, let the donations begin!  Come check out a class with me at Heart Smart CPR!

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Kristi Krouse owns Heart Smart CPR, an American Heart Association Training Site in Austin Texas. The purpose of Heart Smart CPR is to teach individuals life-saving skills for both medical and non-medical providers in a relaxed yet concise manor. Kristi is dedicated to helping to get everyone certified by their deadline.

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Have a Heart Healthy Day!

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