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how to get cpr certified

How To Get CPR Certified

First, you need to know that we are all American Heart Association instructors, and the CPR AED or BLS card you will receive will be from the AHA; which is accepted for all employment required certification. Our Austin CPR class is 90% on the floor; so dress comfortably.

Second, you need to decide which card you will need.  We have three options, Family and Friends, Non-Medical Providers, and Medical Professionals.

  • Are you taking this course so that you will know lifesaving CPR if you witness a friend or family member having a heart attack?  If so, you need friends and family!
  • Are you a non-medical provider and need a Heartsaver CPR/AED card for your employer, such as a fitness instructor or childcare provider?  If so, you need Non-Medical Providers!
  • Are you a medical professional who needs a Basic Life Support (BLS) CPR/AED card for your employer such as a nurse or physician?  If so, you need Medical Professionals!

Once you know what you need, check out our calendar and register for a class that works for your schedule.

You will be able to take the required course in a timely manner, and receive a 2 year certification from the AHA.

Please, if you have any questions about how to get CPR certified, we would love to answer them, contact us today.