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CPR FAQ and Questions

CPR FAQ and Questions

1.  Who will I be certified through at the end of the course?

You will be certified with the American Heart Association.

2.  Why can’t I take a CPR course online?

These courses that you find offering CPR certification online are not with the American Heart Association and are not valid for people needing certification for their job.  Some sites claim to be AHA compliant or following AHA guidelines, but they are not associated with the American Heart Association in any way, and this card will not be accepted by an employer, they are simply for individuals wanting to educate themselves.

3.  Do you offer Automated External Defibrillator (AED) certification?

Yes, all of the classes include training on an AED.

4.  What is an AED?

An AED is a portable device used to bring the heart back to normal rhythm for people who are in cardiac arrest.  The AED will automatically analyze and if needed shock the patient in order to restore normal heart rhythm.

5.  I am in a rush and waited till the last minute, and need my card right today.  Will you do a class with very late notice?

Yes, I will do a class on late notice.  Depending on individual circumstances, there may be an extra fee.

6.Will you teach a class with only one student?

Absolutely!  Let me know what time and date will work for you!

7.  Do I get my card the same day?

Yes, you will get a card before you leave class that day.

8.  When are classes?

We can schedule a class to meet your needs.

9.  Is there any way to get a discount?

Yes, if you can get a class together with at least 10 people not including yourself, I will give you a $20 discount on the class your group is taking.  Discount will be given at the end of the class and is dependant on the whole class showing up.

10.  How do I pay?

I take cash or check at the beginning of class.

11.  How long does my certification last?

The AHA certification is good for 2 years!

12. Do you offer Instructor Training?

Yes, we will train you to become an American Heart Association Instructor after we meet and do an interview to be sure our goals match.  You will need to contact us to set up a time for this meeting; we would look forward to meeting you.