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Friends and Family CPR Classes

Our friends and family CPR classes are a fun, interactive course that is intended for the general public who desires to know CPR and be able to use the knowledge to save lives.  This course is not sufficient for an employee required to have a CPR card and it is FREE!  These classes are held once or twice a year; typically at the beginning of summer and the beginning of the holiday season. Check our calendar for available classes.

For more info on free classes, email info@heartsmartcpr.com!






Did you know…

  • Approximately 80% of out of hospital heart attacks happen in the home and with a witness.
  • Sadly, only 6.4% of sudden heart attack victims survive because the witness did not know what to do.

Our friends and family CPR classes include American Heart Association adult/child and infant CPR, and can be tailored to the educational desires of the class and the age of the class.

We recommend teaching all age groups that are mature enough to withstand the class.  You never know when your very own child could save your life.