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How is CPR changing?

cpr changesFor over 40 years the American Heart Association has been using A-B-C (Airway, Breathing, and Compressions) to teach CPR, this is changing to C-A-B (Compressions, Airway, and Breathing). This CPR change was released on the morning of October 18, 2010, and will take effect over the next few months. The new sequence allows you to start with the easiest step first; compressions. The goal of CPR changes is that making CPR easier will save more lives; sounds like a plan to me! There are a few more changes, such as…

-new recommended compression depth of at least 2 inches.
-eliminating the “look, listen, and feel” before breaths are given.

No worries, these changes will not affect your current card.

As an added note, the American Heart Association continues to recommend that anyone without CPR training use Hands-only CPR. To learn more about CPR and AED training, give me a call!

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