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Young Hero’s – children and CPR

children doing cprI am a mother of three wonderful children; and knowing that someday my child could save my life…or each other’s with CPR, gives me peace. Just today I taught a mother and her two children how to do CPR. It thrilled me to know that I was a part of those children learning something that could make them a hero. There were two children, 10 and 8 years old, they both seemed to really enjoy the class, and by the end were able to do it alone. They learned CPR, how to use an AED, abdominal thrusts for severe choking, and first aid. When they left the class, I asked them to please, if they ever have to use CPR, to give me a call and tell me their story. Hopefully they never have to use it, but if they are ever in that situation, they can.
There are different studies that have been done to decide if children can do CPR correctly, the studies go both ways depending on which one you read. For me personally, if I needed CPR, I would much rather have a child do their best than be doing nothing at all.
If you have a CPR story, I would love to hear how you were a hero.
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