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CPR has gone mobile (mobile phone that is!)

CPR appI recently stumbled across a few CPR apps on my Droid phone that really caught my attention. I found a CPR app that shows a quick and easy (30 seconds or less) video that teaches the basics of CPR and AED use! I was stunned! This is great news, I thought! How great would it be if everyone had this on their phone and occasionally reminded themselves of the steps of CPR. Don’t get me wrong, it is very important to take a CPR class (especially if you need the Austin CPR certification), but lets be real, not everyone takes a class. So, I really love; and have to admit being a bit bias; the American Heart Association app. The drawback, it costs $2.99 to add to your many wonderful Droid app choices. So, I went looking for other free CPR apps, that as of now, are teaching the correct/current way of doing AHA CPR. I found one very quickly!
Let me introduce Pocket First Aid & CPR!
It is very simple to use, includes great easy to understand videos, and (drum roll please…it’s FREE!)
CPR mobileThis is the screen of the app, basically proving my point about it being user friendly. From what i saw, the app is using the latest version of American Heart Association CPR and choking for all ages. If you are interested in knowing CPR for your personal use, and unable to take a class at this time, then download an app! Who knows when you may need it!
Then I was thinking about how great it was to have apps on phones…but are there interactive sites as well?
Yes-sir-ey! Here is a picture of the site:

This is a site that teaches hands-only CPR…in a fun way!
Please understand, this site teaches hands only, not the C-A-B method of doing CPR and does not offer a certification. But, in an emergency situation, you don’t have time to schedule a class.  It was made by the American Heart Association and can be found here.
So, does hands only CPR work? You bet! In the first few minutes of cardiac arrest, hands only CPR is just as effective as mouth to mouth CPR…in most situations. Special situations would include drowning victims, children, and infants, and adults that you did not see fall. If you think about it though, if all you knew how to do was hands only CPR, then do it! Some CPR is so much better than no CPR!
My conclusion, and best suggestion, on all the information I have found:
– First, take a class, especially if you need BLS Austin CPR! There is so much more than just pounding on someones chest.
– Second, pick a CPR app and download it! Then review it often so that when an emergency happens, you are well reviewed.
– Third, pass along the app or AHA CPR hands only site, your friends will love you for it; and perhaps save your life.
I hope you have a Heart Healthy Day!
Kristi Krouse

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