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Does your teacher know CPR?

Time to go school clothes shopping again!
This is the perfect time to ask your teacher if she/he is CPR certified. I have 3 kids, and I feel much safer knowing that their teachers are ready if something ever happened to my child in an emergency. The American Heart Association CPR classes that we teach here at Heart Smart CPR will get your teachers ready. We will go over CPR, use of an AED, and severe choking. We are conveniently located in North Austin and have classes running a few times per week. I would love to teach you, your teacher, and even your child how to do CPR, use an AED, and even first aid. Have a Heart Healthy day!

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Kristi Krouse owns Heart Smart CPR, an American Heart Association Training Site in Austin Texas. The purpose of Heart Smart CPR is to teach individuals life-saving skills for both medical and non-medical providers in a relaxed yet concise manor. Kristi is dedicated to helping to get everyone certified by their deadline.

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