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Why You Should Get CPR Trained

CPR training

CPR can be used in a variety of emergency situations. If your child was to start to choke on something, or you found someone not breathing, you could perform CPR and possibly keep them from dying. There is specific CPR training you must learn, in order to know how to do it properly and get your CPR certification in turn. Everyone should get CPR certified, and if this is something you’re interested in learning more about, there are a few things in particular you should know.

Why Get CPR Certified?

The benefits of getting trained are clear. You could save the life of someone suffering from a sudden heart attack, a child smoking on a small object, somebody passing out, and the list goes on. You can perform immediate care on them until emergency help arrives, and this could mean the difference between them surviving or not.

If you have children of your own, or plan to watch the children of others, it is especially important to have your certification. You want to make sure that you know how to react in an emergency situation, to save a child’s life if you need to. Children are especially at risk of choking because they are not aware of many dangers and are more likely to put things in their mouth or otherwise start choking or end up in a dire situation.

It’s important to know what to do in an emergency situation like this, so no time is wasted and they get the care they need, right away, instead of having to wait for a medical practitioner to arrive on the scene.

Where to go for CPR training

CPR certified

Heart Smart CPR would be thrilled to help you get certified; give us a call so we can get you signed up and certified this week!

There are also advanced CPR and life saving courses you may be interested in. These are all important skills to learn, so you know what to do in the event of an emergency and don’t panic. After someone stops breathing, you need to know what to do and you could potentially save a life. There are different levels of CPR you can train in, so you can decide what levels you want to learn and how important this is to you.


Coveting Benefits Of CPR Training, Austin Texas Is Best

What is a CPR?

Gabrielle Giffords Honorary Save-a-Life campaign at GSFC

Cardiopulmonary resuscitation, CPR is a life-saving procedure. During a case of cardiac-arrest, this procedure attempts to preserve integral brain function till the time other necessary actions are performed. The basic purpose behind these attempts is to restore the breathing abilities and sound blood circulation of the person. The most common methods employed are chest compressions and rival through breathing. These attempts are made until rescue teams arrive.

These are a certified course for those who can perform CPR. Both medical experts and layman can get the CPR training.  Doing CPR immediately in cardiac arrest cases gives patients a much better chance of survival.

Undoubted benefits of CPR training

There are many benefits of CPR training. When deciding for the CPR training Heart Smart CPR is the best. This rescuing training is really helpful in stabilizing people till the time a proper remedial treatment is the given to the patient.

How to opt for the training

benefits of cpr training

When finding an institute to get CPR training Heart Smart CPR will give the best training. The number of agencies delivering training is of no-bar. It is advisable to choose an agency with a well-off reputation and accredited instructors trained by the American Heart Association. Paying attention in class can help you learn exceptionally well. Each course has some chief prospects and those concerned with training are “Defining the immediate actions prior to CPR?” & “How is Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation done?”  All of your questions will be answered by a fully trained AHA instructor; give us a call to get started!

Getting first Aid Certification

You never know when it might be necessary for you to go out of your way to learn how to save a life and if this turns out to be something you want to learn then it might be the right time for you to find a good way to get your first aid certification in basic CPR or first AID. You should know that not only can this sort of skill be really useful to you in the future if you want to be able to save the life of someone in trouble but it can also help to open doors for you in certain areas of employment that require first aid certification.

As you can see, it is clear that there are a lot of good reasons to consider getting CPR so if you want to go ahead and get this sort of certification what you are going to need to do is go online and do some simple research on the topic. The good news is that there are actually plenty of companies out there offering very inexpensive or even free courses in basic CPR and you can feel free to attend these courses and get your first aid certification when you want to.

First Aid Training in Austin

There are certainly a lot of benefits to taking first aid training, and it will be important that you take the time to look at some of the options you are going to have before making a final decision of any kind. These days you will be able to take CPR and first aid training online, so it will therefore be necessary to look into some of the different websites that offer it. Once you have completed this training, you will get your certification. Since this type of training is often times a requirement for lots of different jobs, it will be important to consider going through it.

The importance of first aid training

Even for those who are not interested in pursuing a career in the healthcare industry, it is still good to know how to respond to emergencies when someone is injured in some way. When you take first aid training, you will learn how to do things like CPR, so you can potentially save a person’s life if the need should arise. There are also going to be lots of different places that offer this training, so you will need to make sure to find the right one. When you really take the time to look through some of these options, you should be able to find the right one.

CPR Training in Austin, TX

If you are interested in getting CPR training in Austin, it will be important for you to be sure you are going to a place that is AHA certified in Austin, TX.  Heart Smart CPR offers classes weekly and will also go to your location to make training convenient.  We will help you to choose which class will work best for you and which training you will need.

Give us a call and we will help you decide which class option will work best for you.  Once you have received this training as well as your certification, you will be able to qualify for numerous types of jobs in the healthcare industry. If you want to work as a nurse or some similar position, CPR training in Austin will be required at some point, most times before you enter school. The sooner you take this training and get your certification the better, so it will be important to start looking for us in the Austin, TX area.

Where to Take CPR Classes in Austin

There are going to be a number of places where you can take CPR classes in Austin, so it will be important to go online and look into what exactly your options are. This type of training can be extremely useful for those who want to get a job in the healthcare industry, or for people who want to have the skills to potentially save another person’s life should the situation ever arise. CPR training certainly looks good on a resume when applying for certain jobs, which is just one of the reasons to take one of these classes.

Typically a CPR classes in Austin are relatively short and should be good for two years.   There are usually two separate parts to a CPR class, including the written portion and the simulated practice portion. With the latter part of the course, you will be required to perform CPR on a manikin in order to demonstrate what you have learned through studying and instruction. In the end, this type of training can be extremely useful and beneficial to many people.

Taking a CPR Class in Austin

You will find that there are many different benefits to taking a CPR class in Austin, including the fact that it can help you with getting a job in the health care field. If you are interested in undergoing this type of training, it will be important to start by going online and look up different places in your area that offer it. Often time you will be able to find community centers and schools that offer CPR classes in Austin to those who are interested, so you will want to start by looking into some of these places first.

There are even certain places on the web where you can take online CPR classes to get your certification, though you will still be required to go through another part of the training which will have you practice CPR on a simulation dummy. You should be able to find places in your immediate area that offer these courses by simply going on the right website and putting in your zip code, so you will want to start by doing this. After you have completed the necessary requirements for this type of course, you will be issued your official CPR certification. Those who are interested in becoming lifeguards or even nurses can certainly benefit from this type of training.

Holidays = More Heart Attacks?

The Holidays are among us!  It all fun and games and no stress…right?  Well, maybe if you are 6 years old!  Studies show that stress is greatly increased between Thanksgiving and New Years; but I am guessing this is no surprise to you; as it was not to me.  But how bad is the stress?  According to  Robert A. Kloner, MD, PhD, Heart Institute, Good Samaritan Hospital and the American Heart Association:

When we plotted daily rates of death from ischemic heart disease in Los Angeles County during November, December, and January, we were struck by an increase in deaths starting around Thanksgiving, climbing through Christmas, peaking on New Year’s Day, and then falling…

So how do you avoid becoming next years statistic?

1. Plan ahead.

Part of the problem is our financial obligations.  We have our little budgets planned for each month and try to stick to them through the year.  When Christmas comes around our budgets go off track and we are left with more month than money.  So what if we saved for Christmas all year long?  Its as simple as saving $20 every pay period or $10 a week.  This would give you $520 to start shopping with!  I know for me that would be a good chunk of gifts for children and family.

2. Perfection

People tend to want their Christmas day to be perfect.  This is impossible!  There are going to be cranky children, food may be a little cold or a little burned, relatives are going to show up late…and the list can go on.  But lets step back and think about last year, better yet; ask your kids about last year.  Do they remember what gifts they got or do they remember the drive you took to look at the neighborhood Christmas lights.  For me personally, the kids could not remember one toy they got last year….ugh!  But they did remember walking through the local churches live nativity.  They remembered how funny it was when the tree fell down because the cat tried to climb our fake tree (was not funny then).  Truth is, make memories out of the craziness that is the holidays.  Most memories can be changed from stressful to funny depending on how you react to it and your decision to go with the flow.  So try and stress less about your retail perfection and relax and enjoy the holidays.

3. Less is More

Yep!  Less is defiantly More!  You don’t have to spend so much money on everyone or make so much food.  When I am making my Christmas Day “food plan” I tend to go overboard.  Breakfast consists of pancakes, bacon, eggs, toast, and fruit.  As soon as we are done and stuffed, its time to clean up and make the Christmas lunch meal which consists of yams, mashed potatoes, turkey, gravy, green bean casserole, rolls, stuffing, and don’t forget desert!  By the time I am done slaving in the kitchen on lunch and setting out the food I am exhausted; and everyone is still full from breakfast.  So the disappointment begins…

The holidays don’t need to cause a heart attack…a memory no one will forget next year.  So avoid the stress, plan for next year starting New Years; only $20 a paycheck, and remember less is more in the holidays!

Have a Heart Healthy Day!

Kristi Krouse

Heart Healthy Holidays

heart health tips

The holidays are getting closer!  Are you committed to heart health?

The real question is, come new years resolution time are you going to be happy with how you treated your heart from now until then.  Can you say no to the extra piece of pumpkin pie; and yes to the treadmill?

What are some small daily choices you can make to help ease the holiday gain and the slump in gym attendance?

Heart Health Tips

For me, I start with the plate.  I have some basic rules that help me to portion my food well.  First, no layering of foods.  You laugh, but its true!  How many aunts and uncles pile green bean casserole right on top of the corn casserole?  Then, make sure you can see the color of the plate between food items.  These secret tricks help me to be sure I don’t get to much food on one plate.  Then, choose wisely what you put on that plate.  You have two choices…get little tiny one or two bites of lots of things; or get larger portions of just a few things.  I usually get one or two bites of many things so I get to taste them all!  Yummy!  After all you must tell Auntie how great her rolls were, and grandma how wonderful her yams are.  Then, DO NOT GO BACK!  No seconds or you forgo the desert.  If you do forgo desert or decide to go for the pie…either way…use only half of your plate.  I visually cut it down the middle and only put food on one side.  When it comes to leftovers…eat normal, no need to indulge every meal till the turkey is gone.  But that is me, that is how I am careful about eating my way through the holidays.  The AHA has some great ideas about choosing what goes on your plate by color, check out their recommendations HERE.

The second step is keeping your workout routine a priority.  I like rewards, I was the kid in school that would work like crazy to get the ribbon come report card day.  So I reward myself with alone time.  The holidays are stressful, so I give it my all in a good run around the block and then do an extra lap walking and just enjoying some me time.  I find it really puts the holidays and my goals back in perspective.  Sometimes I go for a power walk with a friend and “winercize.”  We power walk and drink a glass of wine while we are walking.  Its great!  We gab and get some cardio in all at the same time.  When we are done, we are both refreshed and wondering why we don’t do it more often.  If you would like more details about how to stay fit during the holidays, HERE are some great ideas.

One thing about the holidays that play a part in heart health is stress and depression.  These can be very serious and yet very avoided. If you are feeling stressed or depressed beyond what you feel is normal, please see your doctor right away.  There is no shame in asking for help from a doctor; no more than there is shame in asking someone to help you move a box that is to heavy for one person.  We all need help occasionally; give help to others and take it when you need it.  To help avoid those stressful times I try and experience the holidays like the kids are.  I try and remember the excitement.  Some of my favorite things were no stress and FREE!  I loved (and still do) going to look at all the Christmas lights.  Sometimes we drive, but sometimes we would go for walks and take hot chocolate with us.  I loved watching the holiday shows, every year the same ones and I look forward to them even to this day.  There are so many things you can do to help with stress; for more ideas go HERE.

I would love to hear what you do with your family to keep the holidays heart healthy, you can comment and as long as it is related to the blog, I will approve it.


Have a Heart Healthy Day!

Kristi Krouse

Communication! Communication! Communication!

signs of stroke


There are many signs of a stroke you can watch out for. When a person is suffering from a stroke, communication with the hospital is essential.  If the EMT’s will warn the hospital that a stroke patient is en route, the hospital can be prepared when they arrive.  This small step can save so much time which can change the outcome of the stroke damage.  Truth is, EMT’s fail to do this simple yet vital step over 1/3 of the time and don’t notify the hospital when they see signs of a stroke.  Simply having the hospital ready for evaluation and treatment can change the outcome.

“Pre-notification was independently associated with better treatment times:

  • arrival-to-imaging times of 25 minutes or less,
  • arrival-to-treatment with the clot-busting drug tPA within 60 minutes,
  • symptom onset-to-tPA treatment times of 120 minutes or less,
  • and more eligible patients treated with tPA.”

This notification is especially critical if the patient is suffering from a stroke called ischemia; when a blood clot cuts off oxygen to the brain.  Clot busting medications can only be given within a 3 to 4.5 hour time frame.

National guidelines do recommend that these steps of communication are followed, but little change has been made.  If word spreads and EMT’s are knowledgeable of this vital communication step, there are significant positive results.  For example:

“Among patients arriving within two hours of symptom onset, patients with EMS pre-notification were more likely to:

  • be treated with tPA within three hours (82.8 percent vs. 79.2 percent);
  • have shorter arrival-to-imaging times (26 minutes vs. 31 minutes);
  • have shorter arrival-to-tPA treatment times (78 minutes vs. 80 minutes); and
  • have shorter symptom onset-to-tPA treatment times (141 minutes vs. 145 minutes).”

To see a map of rates to identify where communication needs to be improved go see the article referring to this problem written by the American Heart Association.
If EMT’s are aware of this problem, I believe that they will do everything possible to help their patients.  They are hero’s after all!
Have a Heart Healthy Day!
Kristi Krouse