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Heart Smart CPR and American Heart Association has an announcement to make!

Healthy eating tips

 Great news!  Heart Smart CPR and the American Heart Association have an announcement!  The  AHA has new healthy eating tips to make healthy eating easier for your busy schedule at Subway!  When you see the logo above you know the American Heart Association approves!

I am sure you have seen this logo at the supermarket, now you can count on it when you don’t have nutritional information readily available at Subway.  For me personally, I love the fresh ingredients that Subway uses, but I always wonder about the sauces, now there is no doubt.  Way to go American Heart Association!  Thanks for making my busy life a bit easier.  Below is a list of foods that the AHA have given the stamp of approval at Subway.

  • All SUBWAY FRESH FIT® sandwich meals that include apples slices and water
  • All SUBWAY FRESH FIT FOR KIDS™ meals that include apple slices and low fat milk
  • 9 salads with Sweet Onion Dressing that include apple slices and water

Have a Heart Healthy Day!

Kristi Krouse


CPR and AED liability

Good Samaritan Law

first rescuer cpr

I get a ton of questions in my CPR Austin Tx classes about liability when helping a person in cardiac arrest. It all boils down to the “Good Samaritan Laws“. Each state is different, so you may need to check your local laws to see how they apply to you. I personally teach Austin CPR classes, so I am going to go with good ole’ Texas.

What is the Good Samaritan Law?

In a nut shell, they were made to protect those who are helping others who are hurt or injured; and reduce hesitation for fear of being prosecuted or personally sued in cases of an accidental injury, poor treatment, or even worse, death of the patient.

Now, is there any exceptions? You bet ya! But to be honest, I totally agree with them all!

First, if the actions are willingly or intentionally done to hurt the person or if there is no true danger and the person attempts to “rescue” the other person. For example, say there was a fender bender, no one is hurt, and someone comes along to “rescue” an uninjured victim in one of the damaged cars, and in doing so the victim is injured. This would possibly be ruled as reckless and unnecessary.

Second, if you are helping because you expect to be financially reimbursed. This is intended to protect patients in caregiver scenarios. For example, if you are in a hospital and the Doctor gives care that injures you, then the Doctor is not protected under the Law.

Third, it does not protect the person that “caused” the injuries in the first place. So, if you were at fault, you may not be protected. For example, if you intentionally shoot someone, and then turn around and try to provide care, you may not be legally safe if you accidentally break their neck.

One more thing i think should be noted.

If you begin giving aid to an injured person you can’t leave the scene unless:
– You need to call 911
– Another rescuer of equal or higher medical training takes your place
– Or, giving aid has become dangerous for you.

So, to summarize, a rescuer is not legally liable for any injuries and even death of the victim as long as the rescuer acts rationally, was trying to help, and according to their training.

Have a Heart Healthy Day!

CPR has gone mobile (mobile phone that is!)

CPR appI recently stumbled across a few CPR apps on my Droid phone that really caught my attention. I found a CPR app that shows a quick and easy (30 seconds or less) video that teaches the basics of CPR and AED use! I was stunned! This is great news, I thought! How great would it be if everyone had this on their phone and occasionally reminded themselves of the steps of CPR. Don’t get me wrong, it is very important to take a CPR class (especially if you need the Austin CPR certification), but lets be real, not everyone takes a class. So, I really love; and have to admit being a bit bias; the American Heart Association app. The drawback, it costs $2.99 to add to your many wonderful Droid app choices. So, I went looking for other free CPR apps, that as of now, are teaching the correct/current way of doing AHA CPR. I found one very quickly!
Let me introduce Pocket First Aid & CPR!
It is very simple to use, includes great easy to understand videos, and (drum roll please…it’s FREE!)
CPR mobileThis is the screen of the app, basically proving my point about it being user friendly. From what i saw, the app is using the latest version of American Heart Association CPR and choking for all ages. If you are interested in knowing CPR for your personal use, and unable to take a class at this time, then download an app! Who knows when you may need it!
Then I was thinking about how great it was to have apps on phones…but are there interactive sites as well?
Yes-sir-ey! Here is a picture of the site:

This is a site that teaches hands-only CPR…in a fun way!
Please understand, this site teaches hands only, not the C-A-B method of doing CPR and does not offer a certification. But, in an emergency situation, you don’t have time to schedule a class.  It was made by the American Heart Association and can be found here.
So, does hands only CPR work? You bet! In the first few minutes of cardiac arrest, hands only CPR is just as effective as mouth to mouth CPR…in most situations. Special situations would include drowning victims, children, and infants, and adults that you did not see fall. If you think about it though, if all you knew how to do was hands only CPR, then do it! Some CPR is so much better than no CPR!
My conclusion, and best suggestion, on all the information I have found:
– First, take a class, especially if you need BLS Austin CPR! There is so much more than just pounding on someones chest.
– Second, pick a CPR app and download it! Then review it often so that when an emergency happens, you are well reviewed.
– Third, pass along the app or AHA CPR hands only site, your friends will love you for it; and perhaps save your life.
I hope you have a Heart Healthy Day!
Kristi Krouse

Does your teacher know CPR?

Time to go school clothes shopping again!
This is the perfect time to ask your teacher if she/he is CPR certified. I have 3 kids, and I feel much safer knowing that their teachers are ready if something ever happened to my child in an emergency. The American Heart Association CPR classes that we teach here at Heart Smart CPR will get your teachers ready. We will go over CPR, use of an AED, and severe choking. We are conveniently located in North Austin and have classes running a few times per week. I would love to teach you, your teacher, and even your child how to do CPR, use an AED, and even first aid. Have a Heart Healthy day!

CPR training for someone you may never know.

first aid cpr trainingLately, Heart Smart CPR has seen a rise in the number of people wanting to take first aid CPR training just for the ability to help a stranger in need should the situation ever arise. I am impressed by this so much that I want to give a big shout-out to all of these people and say way to go, or kudos, even…thank you…for the life you save could be mine.

The American Heart Association offers a class for friends and family that consists of just this; a class for people willing to learn a skill that could save someone else with no need for a certification. This is different than a BLS for healthcare providers, or CPR AED class for non-medical providers. It is a very relaxed and enjoyable class that takes about an hour. First aid can also be added to the class which would add about 30 minutes.

People just like you are typically the first to respond to an emergency, it is only wise to be ready. Give us a call and we can make you a hero-in-waiting!

Have a heart healthy day!
Kristi Krouse

Ah, New Years Resolutions…

healty life May I first start by saying happy New Year! I hope your year is filled with blessings and happiness.

>> Insert 2014! Blog update! Can you believe 2014 is coming up Austin? Especially in Austin, many austinites have started making their new years list yet once again. So did you accomplish your 2011, 2012 & 2013 New Years goals? Did they include getting fit or getting certified? If so, then you are among 90% of those that do have a fitness related goal on their resolutions list. I mentioned certification because we have been getting more interest for general First Aid classes in Austin. Pick up the phone and call and I assure you I will help you check that off your list so that we are not working on your list again next year with the same goals! Call me today to get started and we can share our upcoming 2014 health, first aid or any other goals you just want to put out there.

>> End of blog update, and back to our old 2011 New Years blog post:)

So, are you sick of making new years resolutions that you never stick to? Making that vow to organize your house…and keep it that way. Or, loose those extra pounds that crept up on you over the past…few…years. Perhaps we are all going about this new year’s resolution thing all wrong. Just maybe if we make day resolutions instead of year resolutions we will find ourselves successful. So, then we must decide what our “list” of resolutions must be. As you may have guessed, I have some ideas.

Item number 1, get that cholesterol checked!

There are two types of cholesterol, low-density lipoprotein cholesterol (LDL), this is the bad cholesterol that causes arteries to fill with plaque; and HDL, or high-density lipoprotein cholesterol (HDL), this is the good cholesterol that seems to protect the heart from hardening arteries. It is important to know both numbers. First resolution, make that appointment, next…GO! This is a simple blood test; no biggie; and then you can check one off your “list!” Have your doctor educate you about your numbers and what you may need to do to protect your heart. Then, add it to your daily list! We are on a roll here!

Item number 2, the big E…EXERCISE!

I know, I know, but this is part of your resolution every year, and I said this year is different…ugh. Well, it is; after you have checked with your doctor (at that cholesterol appointment) and you are free to exercise; get movin! It is recommended to have 30 minutes of ACCUMULATED exercise 5 days per week. Why have I made “accumulated” stand out? Simple, because you can add 10 minute exercise bouts throughout the day to equal your 30 minutes of activity. How easy is that! Park further away, go down the grocery store isles – even though you don’t need anything on it, go for a walk…you get the idea. Keep it simple, you don’t have to join an expensive gym, just think outside the box!

Item number 3…eat healthy.

This is when the idea of daily resolutions really comes into play. This is good news, and bad news. The good…every meal and every snack is a chance to re-resolution, if you may. In other words, if you ate 3 helpings of mac-and-cheese at lunch, you have a chance to redeem yourself at dinner. Bad news, this is probably the most difficult resolution to keep, at least in my personal opinion. Back to that first resolution, talk to your doctor about healthy eating specifically for you. Then stick to it! There are all kinds of sites with heart healthy recipes, check them out, and try something new; this could be fun ya’ll!

Last, but definatly not least. For some of you, this is easy, and already done; ya! For others, this may be the most difficult thing you have ever done in your life.

Item number 4…stop smoking.

Some heart disease risk factors are genetic, but smoking is not. This is such an important issue; I think you should hear it right from the American Heart Association. So check out the American Heart Association website! I know smoking is hard to quit, but you are worth the effort, and so is extra time with your family and friends.

Item number 5…take a CPR class.

Be ready to help friends and family in an emergency situation!

I hope you find yourself successful each and every day of the coming year. I am sure you have some resolution ideas of your own, and I would love to hear of them!

Have a heart healthy day!
Kristi Krouse

Young Hero’s – children and CPR

children doing cprI am a mother of three wonderful children; and knowing that someday my child could save my life…or each other’s with CPR, gives me peace. Just today I taught a mother and her two children how to do CPR. It thrilled me to know that I was a part of those children learning something that could make them a hero. There were two children, 10 and 8 years old, they both seemed to really enjoy the class, and by the end were able to do it alone. They learned CPR, how to use an AED, abdominal thrusts for severe choking, and first aid. When they left the class, I asked them to please, if they ever have to use CPR, to give me a call and tell me their story. Hopefully they never have to use it, but if they are ever in that situation, they can.
There are different studies that have been done to decide if children can do CPR correctly, the studies go both ways depending on which one you read. For me personally, if I needed CPR, I would much rather have a child do their best than be doing nothing at all.
If you have a CPR story, I would love to hear how you were a hero.
Have a heart healthy day!
Kristi Krouse