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Heart Smart CPR offers Austin CPR classes with American Heart Association certified instructors is your gateway for learning CPR. Our instructors also provide first aid certification and training for saving lives. Enroll today for personal or job reasons, either way your CPR certification or basic life support helps prevent around 100,000 deaths per year. www.heartsmartcpr.com/calendar

Did you know that most life-threatening incidents requiring CPR happen at home? It is usually a family member and not a medical professional that is needed as a first responder. Luckily, with the right training, a family member is just as capable of administering the necessary care at the most critical time.

Contact us today to learn more. We provide CPR certification mostly in Austin, Texas and surrounding areas, including West Lake, Round Rock, Georgetown, and Pflugerville.

Heart Smart CPR’s Austin CPR Classes offer Fun Classes and Certifications.

Enough with all the life and death talk…did you know classes could be fun? Because ours are. Heart Smart CPR knows the best way to help anyone learn and remember something is to have them enjoy the experience. We make it personal.

Kristi, our lead instructor, loves teaching Austin CPR classes because she finds that students here are open to a less conventional approach to something that is normally treated so deadly serious (because it is serious).

Like with most teaching endeavors, there are many routes to one common goal: learning the proper way to administer life saving techniques. Rather than a dull and preachy approach, we take the hands-on, scenario-driven route. Get ready to get your hands dirty (not literally).

Complete First Aid and CPR Training in Austin TX

You’ve come to the right place. Heart Smart CPR is a leading provider of Austin CPR classes, and surrounding areas such as Round Rock and Pflugerville. We offer a variety of classes including specialized training for On-Call personnel, First Aid courses, and CPR classes that teach infant, child, and adult life saving techniques.

We’ll even come to you. Heart Smart CPR provides on-site CPR group training of four or more. Don’t worry, we take care of everything. We bring the manikins, the American Heart Association instructor, and all the required training material…you just bring an eager set of hands.

Start your Certification Today!

Stop what you’re doing…call us…join the next class and have your certification as soon as it’s over. We know you’re busy, so our Austin CPR classes have flexible hours. If you’re in a real bind, more often than not, we will work around your schedule.

One of the main goals of our classes is to help individuals and medical personnel stay cool and collected in a chaotic time. The more hands-on practice you have, the more likely you are to be prepared when and if the time comes to use what you’ve learned. A piece of paper doesn’t make you prepared, training does.

We offer three levels of training classes:

  • Friends & Family CPR classes are designed to train those who may concerned about the safety and well-being of their loved ones, friends and family and who are willing to administer CPR or first aid in an emergency situation. Statistics show that most cardic emergencies will happen in the home; this means it is more than likely you will be present for family if they need CPR. This CPR class is good for any age group, including your kids! Heart Smart CPR has fun and interactive classes for all age groups and is located right here in Austin Texas. Join a Austin CPR certification class today!

  • Non-medical Providers CPR classes are designed for individuals that need a CPR certification but not for a medical career. We teach Heartsaver CPR and AED training from the American Heart Association with an optional first aid class. These classes are designed for training life guards, nanny’s, fitness professionals, daycare workers, babysitters, teachers, or police officers. When you have completed the class, you will be American Heart Association CPR and AED certified. We would love to help you get the certification you need, give us a call to take a CPR class in Austin today!

  • Medical Professional CPR classes are courses that provide a very thorough training in CPR; and are intended for heathcare professionals or individuals who are working in the medical industry or attending a medical school. When the class is completed, you will be BLS certified at the healthcare provider level from the American Heart Association for two years.

Very hands on. Kristi is a well informed instructor with personal experience that contributes greatly to the overall quality of the class. She also encourages questions and the students personal experiences. Job well done. — Larry
It was great! She was very enthusiastic and it made the class go by quickly! Definitely a great teacher I would strongly recommend anyone in the medical field to go! — Cheryl
Kristi helped assist my management staff with certifying in CPR and First Aid, and I have several of them thank me for getting her to come in and teach the program. They were totally impressed! I usually don’t get that kind of response when sending folks to this type of training, so I know she made an impact! I would highly recommend her to any business, neighborhood association, school district, etc.! — Kathleen

Our American Heart Association certified trainers instruct life saving programs in first aid and CPR for ALL AGES. We can accommodate individuals, groups, and entire workplaces. Whatever your situation, Heart Smart CPR has the right training and certification option for you.

Please sign up online for your first aid, CPR and AED or BLS training classes today. We look forward to helping you get certified right away!

First Aid Certification Austin

Heart Smart CPR offers first aid training in Austin in accordance with the AHA, and it’s simple to add first aid training to any class. Just ask! We offer classes in Round Rock, Georgetown, Austin, Cedar Park, and all surrounding areas. CPR is vital to the medical field, so we understand that you need your AHA CPR card to be current.

Austin CPR classes are offered many times per week. If you can’t find a class that works for your schedule, call us we’ll find a way to get you AHA certified quickly! If you add first aid training, your American Heart Association card will clearly state that you are first aid certified. Contact us to set up a class as early as today!

On-Site “in a rush” CPR Classes in Round Rock

Heart Smart offers training courses for those looking for CPR, AED, First Aid, and BLS for healthcare provider training. We will gladly do on-site or “in a rush” CPR classes in and around Austin or Round Rock, Texas. Call 512-986-5128 today to set up a time and date that fits your schedule!

Heart Smart CPR offers On-Call Austin CPR Classes for AHA Certifications and BLS to fit your schedule.

Heart Smart has Austin BLS for healthcare providers training from the AHA to provide you with the necessary skills to act quickly in a medical emergency. We also offer CPR classes for nurses, nursing students, and doctors, and we’ll make sure your CPR renewal is done quick and easy.

Don’t be fooled by look-alikes. Our American Heart Association certifications last 2 years. Convenience is key, so we offer on-call CPR classes to fit your schedule. If we don’t have a BLS class scheduled that works for you, we’ll make one! Get your CPR/AED Certification card after class from the American Heart Association.

Convenient CPR, BLS, First Aid and AED Classes

Quick and convenient American Heart Association training can be a challenge to find, but Heart Smart offers a variety of classes so you can move on with your medical training without worrying about CPR training schedules. Our CPR, BLS, first aid, and AED classes from the American Heart Association take only 2 hours!

We also do last minute classes for anyone in a pinch. Heart Smart has a its own training facility or we can do on-site training according to your schedule. Bottom line, we adjust to your busy schedule! We’re located in Austin, Texas, and service all surrounding areas. Contact us today to schedule your Austin CPR class!

Online CPR Classes

If you’re looking for the most flexible type of CPR class, you may be interested in our American Heart Association two-part online class. The AHA has developed a two-part course so that you can do the “classroom” version in your home on your computer.

Once you are done, you’ll need to complete a skills test with an instructor at our facilities to be sure you’re performing CPR safely and correctly and to answer any questions you may have. The certification card is exactly the same as you would receive if you had taken the in-person class. If you’re interested, just let Heart Smart know, and we’ll set you up!

American Heart Association Instructors – Austin CPR Classes

Heart Smart CPR is now an instructor training site with statewide reach. If you’re interested in becoming an instructor, just let us know because we are growing. The American Heart Association has some required training that we would be happy to help you with. Please sign up on our calendar to get started.